Grow Smart with us.

Grow Smart with us.

Test and monitor potency through any stage of the grow cycle for hemp and cannabis.


Meet Rosie.

Measuring cannabinoid and terpene content in plants is now easier, faster, more accurate, and cost effective on a single platform.



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Cannabinoids and Leaf Ratios

Vorga has developed a promising new technology for the rapid determination of cannabinoid potency on Cannabis. Their method was proven accurate in comparison to validation and accredited HPLC method. Vorga’s approach is more accurate than existing infrared solution and would be an excellent choice for growers and processors looking to implement internal QC.
— Ian Eustis, Laboratory Director at Lightscale Laboratory

Interested in working with us?

We’re looking for partners across the cannabis industry. If you’re looking to optimize your grow, integrate Rosie with an existing system, or better understand the retails products you’re receiving from cultivators, give us a shout.

With Rosie we are able to test seed plants to determine which cannabinoids are present and at what quantities within the sample. This information helps us decide which plants we would like to continue to cultivate, and which plants we do not want to waste resources on.
— Tia Keene, Research and Development, East Fork Cultivars

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